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Poultry Food

Chick Chick 1

8.63 R323.44 R

Duck Food

Duck Pellets

11.27 R222.58 R

Cereals Machine Cleaned

Barley (Clipped)

10.58 R396.75 R
11.50 R431.25 R

Sea / Oyster Shell Grits

Pigeon Grit (Sparkie)

40.32 R
17.94 R672.75 R

Bird Seeds

Finch Mix

18.98 R711.56 R

Machine Cleaned Grains


48.30 R953.93 R

Machine Cleaned Grains

Sunflower Seed Striped

13.92 R274.83 R
Out of stock

Machine Cleaned Grains


29.33 R579.17 R
16.10 R483.00 R

Parrot Food

Parrot Tropical

38.53 R1,155.75 R